Bumps in the road–Day 3 of juicing

This morning was ridiculous. I got to the kitchen all ready to juice but ended up spilling tomato soup all over the fridge and the floor when I was trying to get all the veggies out. I spent about 20 minutes sopping up delicious smelling home-made soup that conveniently looked like vomit or I might have tried licking it up for how hungry I was. When I finally got to the juicing part of my morning, the thing broke.  It starting grinding itself up so there were little plastic pieces in the juice. Ughhhgkhgkgha. I am not this clumsy all the time…and I don’t normally attract unlucky vibes so I don’t know what was going on this morning. I decided I would just eat raw and steamed veggies all day until I could get a new juicer.

I ended up getting more hungry today than yesterday so I ate some pistachios to try to help. I started getting really nauseas and lightheaded and thought I needed to eat but I kept reasoning with myself that our bodies are made to be able to survive periods of famine and that it must be a reaction of all the toxins coming out of hiding in my body and being filtered out. Later on I read in my Juicing and Fasting for Life book that this is just a reaction of detoxing, so I’m ok.

I went to Target around 9 tonight to get a new juicer and on the way (I’m alone in the dark in my mom’s car because I didn’t want to scrape the ice off mine) I get a text from my campus alert system (from my college that I’m taking a semester off from) that there was a murder on campus today and the suspect is in custody. Imagine getting that completely unexpected alone in a car in the dark! I freaked out and considered going home but then calmed down after talking to my mom. I called some of my friends at school and it turned out that they didn’t know anymore than I did and everyone was just waiting to get an email.

Once I got to Target they didn’t take back the old juicer (surprise) but they did have a stainless steel beauty that I bought to replace it! Then I wandered to the register through the women’s dept to see if they had anything..no luck..so i grabbed a magazine at the rack. I got Glamour. I had to because being at home makes me feel so isolated from the world and for some reason fashion magazines help me feel social… Who knows. I do what I can to get through.

I made some juice when I got home bc I was starving then headed to the couch to read my magazine. Another day done. Hopefully my fingers will not be so red and swollen tomorrow. And hopefully I will be able to lift a mug without wincing. Last time it only took a few days of eating like this for the flare to calm down so I’m keeping my fingers crossed this time.


~ by thetruthaboutjra on January 21, 2009.

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