Finally…a plan.

Ahh I’m so happy and excited…I was singing and smiling to myself on the way home…I never smile to myself! At least not often enough to remember. I just got home from my appointment with Dr. B, the nutritionist, and I finally have a grasp on what I need to be doing with my diet and supplements. I got a little bit cocky in the last few weeks thinking that I knew more than him, but that is turning out to be untrue, at least kind of untrue. So I’m doing exactly what he says because it seemed to work beautifully over the summer.

So, the nature of the beast (RA) is that it manifests itself differently in each one who suffers from it. When I tell you all about the supplements I’m taking, I know that not everyone would benefit from the exact same regimen. Everyone needs to experiment a little bit to find out what works for them.  So far I’ve been trying to figure out the right balance of supplements and food for about 6 months and I’m guessing it will probably take another 6 months before I am truly better (keeping my fingers crossed). It’s a process, and you have to want it badly (relief from RA) in order to stick with it. Anyway, this is the “program” that I’m on now and will be on for the next month, at least:

I can eat all food except:

food high in sugar (fruits, desserts, sugar, syrup, etc…you get the idea)

food that I am allergic to (carrots, oysters, grapes, celery, MSG, cottage and cheddar cheese, green beans, almonds)

food that has preservatives (canned, jarred, and boxed foods..b/c they contain MSG and less mutrients and enzymes hich make them harder to digest)

That all may sound really difficult to do, but I will show you all the delicious food I can eat in the next few posts

Supplements I’m taking:

Digestive enzymes 2 with meals (to aid digestion) and 4 in between meals (to reduce inflammation in the body…not sure exactly how this works but I will look into it and post on it later)

Evening Primrose Oil

Fish Oil

Probiotics (to restore healthy microbiotic colonies in my gut which improve digestion)

IgG 2000 DF…it’s immunoglobulin supplementation that increases their levels in the intestinal tract to enhance immune function.

OptiCleanse GHI by a company called XYMOGEN. It’s a medical grade food (highly concentrated nutrients from real food) mixed with other antiinflammatory nutrients (ginger, curcumin, watercress, etc) and other nutrients to heal and calm an inflammed gut. I have been on this supplement for four weeks (along with increased amounts of probiotics and aloe vera juice which is supposed to be good for an inflammed gut) and since then my belly has shrunk…I think it may be that my intestinal tract has become less inflammed…it used to stick out and be all bloated all the time. Now I’m bloat-free and down 9 lbs!

So, now I can relax, you have no idea how stressed I was about what food to eat before this appointment. I’m also going to see another nutritionist at Dr. B’s office that he recommended and she’s going to set up some meal plans for me next week.

Now I need to pack up and drive down to collegetown (that’s what I’ll call it from now on) but I am absolutely dreading packing bc it means I will have to lug my whole life into my car and then unpack it when I get there and then pack it all back up again when I leave. I have to pack a cooler with all my food and bag with the supplements, a bag of clothes, toiletrees, my juicer, and my computer and books. Ughhhksjfglsk. But I need to go for some meetings and some fun, sooooo i guesssss i’ll go do it. blah. look forward to some pictures this weekend!


~ by thetruthaboutjra on January 29, 2009.

One Response to “Finally…a plan.”

  1. YAY! Make sure you have that fun you’re planning, if nothing else! ;o)

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