The Sweetest Days…bring unfortunate swelling

Today is another day at school visiting friends. I feel like I’m on vacation because I’m lounging around all day surfing the internet and going out at night. Technically I am on vacation for the whole semester at home, but I try not to think of it like that or else I wouldn’t get anything done. All I’ve been doing here is going out to dinner and bars and parties with friends. Well, that sounds like it’s been wild, but really I’ve just gone to one bar, one party, and out to dinner once. I think I shared a drink with someone somewhere in there because last night I had a tickle/scratch in my throat, which made my eyes water and drip all over my face, which of course kept me from being able to lay still for more than a few seconds. I slept horribly. This morning I have a full-fledged cold/cough. I’ve got the scratchy voice and runny/stuffed up nose and all. (Not to mention swollen fingers) It’s amazing what three nights of not-so-good sleep and a little alcohol will do to you.

Snow at the pond at school

Snow at the pond at school last year (not my picture). Don't I go to a beautiful school?

I’m here in collegetown for two more nights and then I’m back home. I’m freaking out a little bit because they are in the middle of probably the biggest snow of the year at home and I’M MISSING OUT. (Snow storms and thunder storms are the coolest things on earth and they make me get that excited tingly feeling in my feet).

Right now I’m just hanging around my friends’ house goofing off while they’re in class.¬† I have to make dessert for a potluck tomorrow which is just GREAT since I can’t eat sugar or it makes me hobble around like a cripple…which I kind of am already. But I guess I’m happy I have to do it, even if it means torturing myself with tantalizing chocolaty smells and delicious pictures, because one of my absolutely favorite past times is to search for dessert recipes on A little background info: before I learned that my body couldn’t handle the effects of sugar, my dream was to own a bakery. I don’t really know if that’s a good dream to have anymore, so I’m working on a new dream. Anyway, I got to search for dessert recipes today and it wasn’t as torturous as I thought it would be because I know in my heart that it’s not just eating the dessert, but it really is the process of baking that I love. I just wish I had my Mayo Clinic cookbook. I feel guilty feeding my friends sugar-coated and butter-laced sweet treats that are no better for them than they are for me.

The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook...has some great low-sugar and sugar-free dessert recipes

The New Mayo Clinic Cookbook...has some great low-sugar and sugar-free dessert recipes

The longer I’m here, the harder it is to realize that I’m not living here this semester. I know I’m not living here because I saw my old room full of someone else’s things yesterday. I know that I’m living at home because I remember (vividly) packing everything up after exams in December and unpacking it all back at home. (I have a lot of junk, so I probably won’t forget it for a reeeally long time). But, driving around town I feel so at home that it’s hard to remember that right now it’s not home. It sounds sad, but really, it is just a good feeling to be back, even for a few days.


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