I have no idea how I am alive right now. I got 6 hours of sleep last night…from 2:30am to 5:30 am and from 7am to 10am. I am not guess-timating about those times either. It was one of those nights that you keep looking at the clock hoping it’s time to get up. I don’t have those nights very often but, seriously, I was like come on morning, get here already!

The reason why I couldn’t sleep last night was because I was busy coughing up my lungs. I’m not exaggerating. I found them lying on my floor this morning slimy and shivering.

Okay, I am just kidding. But I did find about 30 crumpled up snot-filled tissues on the floor. My throat feels like I drank a pint of drain-o and then took a razor to it. At least I’m getting an ab workout. I woke up feeling like I had done about a thousand crunches from all the coughing.


So, I guess I caught a horrible cough this past weekend. bleghhgh. During the 5:30 am to 7am period of coughing attacks, I got up and emailed my nutritionist about what to do. Last time I had this cough he had me do a vitamin C flush. I was also on vitamin D at the time. So, I’m waiting to hear back from him.

Meanwhile I am surprisingly full of energy. I had enough to do some exercise this morning (elliptical, stretching, arm weights). When I had woken up earlier, my fingers, wrists, knees, and toes were really disgusting-so bad that I didn’t even want to think about them. They were swollen and painful, but after my second round of sleep, I woke up able to move them better.  I didn’t want to miss out on a day of movement so I got downstairs and onto that elliptical.

Just a note: Painful wrists or fingers are not an excuse for not exercising. I am not embarassed to admit that I have literally gotten out of bed and stumbled downstairs and hopped on the elliptical w/o even putting on a bra or shoes so that I wouldn’t have to touch or pick up anything with my mangled fingers and wrists. Just run. Who says you have to wear shoes when you’re running anyway? If you don’t have a machine you should just walk up and down the stairs…it’s actually really hard to do over and over. If your knees are hurting but not your fingers, do the opposite hemisphere: lift weights. Store them by your bed if you can’t get up. Anyway, my point is: Keep moving!

Sooo, the rest of the day I figured out how long it will take me to graduate by mapping out all my classes for the next four semesters and two summers. Then, well, I started this post. That’s how long it took me to do the course mapping. I figured out that if I graduate in 2011 I can get a double major in Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation Track) and Hospitality and Toursim Management and a minor in Creative Writing. Now it’s 10pm and I need to sleep or I will be dragging tomorrow.

P.S. I’m not advocating the use of cough suppresents or cough drops in this post. Only if you wake up to your lungs shivering on the floor beside your bed. Then, and only then, can you use chemical-free, sugar-free or brown syrup sweetened cough drops and all natural herbal cough syrup like the one pictured above by a company called enzymatic. Don’t load up on sugary lozenges.  Honestly, I find that hot lemony-gingery tea works best to sooth the throat.


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 5, 2009.

2 Responses to “Blegghh”

  1. Eeeeeeeeeeeeow, I’m just about to go to bed and no doubt dream about your lungs lying quivering on the floor!! Totally with you about lemony-gingery tea though – works wonders for a dry cough or tickley throat. Also totally with you about exercise – even if all you can manage one day is range of movement type exercises, it’s vital to do them. Now if only I was better at practicing what you preach …

  2. p.s. Hope you’re feeling better very soon!

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