progress update

i just realized something! i haven’t needed a nap during the day for a few weeks!! well, at least a week or two. usually i have the overwhelming desire to collapse onto anything softer than the wood floor and hibernate for a few days. but i havent felt that way for so long! (well, a week or two is quite an accomplishment for me). i only feel that way at night, which is normal, right?

this post is going to be in all lower case as my wrists are in kind of a lot of pain and i don’t feel like pressing the caps button and worrying about grammar. also, i hate reading posts where people talk about the pain they’re in, but i feel the need to update you all on my progress occasionally, so ill only do this a few times a month.

it’s been about one month and 3 weeks since ive been home from school and about 4 weeks since ive been seriously working on a healing diet. during that three weeks i only went off the diet for one meal and two evenings of drinking. which is too much.

bad news: my rash is coming back (it’s a red splotchy thing that usually alarms people standing close to me who don’t know what it is). today it alarmed me. it creeped all over my thighs and legs and arms and started that burning thing when i scratched it absentmindedly…it doesnt itch…i just do that sometimes to my arms out of habit. also, my wrists hurt pretty badly, which could be because ive been stretching them out in the mornings when i do my other stretching and elliptical…it helped loosen them up a few years ago when i tried it after yoga everyday.

good news: i have energy! which is the first sign that you are healing, because it means your body isn’t saving every once of energy on attacking its own joints, repairing itself, digesting, etc. so, i went running today!!!

more good news: the grammy’s are tomorrow, there is a sweet potato in the oven waiting for me, and i made a lot of progress on my book today- i’m writing a book, if i didn’t tell you already.


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 7, 2009.

2 Responses to “progress update”

  1. A book, that is great. I have been thinking about doing that too. I had a question about your rash. I have a family member who gets a rash and has some other autoimmune stuff going on. Is that part of the JRA? Or something else? I am happy your diet is going well. I struggle with the diet, would be great to exchange some recipes sometime. Maybe we could chat further over email.

    Take care!

  2. Hooray for you for attacking this in a natural way. I can’t wait to read more about you. Cathy

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