Thanks Lauren!

Damn..I just realized that I should have take a picture of this…My parents have two kittens if you don’t know, named Noki and Meeko. Anway, are you ready?…Meeko caught a mouse today! I have no idea how he did it, but all of a sudden the two of them were running up the stairs and my mom and I hear a frantic squeaking. Then Meeko turns around growling at Noki with a mouse dangling out of his mouth. We had to put Noki in my bedroom to keep him from chasing Meeko and his mouse. I had to leave for my appointment, but eventually he put the mouse down. It had died…sad story…but who cares…our cat caught a mouse!! How cool is that?

I feel like something good is about to happen. I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s because I’ve slept better and have more energy. Or, maybe it’s the enzymes. Or, it could be my new nutritionist who is working with Dr. B. to figure me out. It’s like I have a team of natural doctors on my side! Or, it could be the unexpected warm weather and sun. Who knows?!! and who cares?!!

One thing that I do know for sure is that knowledge makes you feel empowered against arthritis, or any disease for that matter. The more I find out, the more I feel like I’m a step ahead of it.

I have decided to add (with the advice of my sister) a small blurb to the bottom of each post which will contain my updated diet, supplement list, and medications, so it’s easier to see what I’m doing on a daily basis. I will copy the updated version to the bottom of each of my posts for those of you who are interested. And those of you who could care less won’t have to deal with it! This will free up my posts for more interesting thoughts, inspirations, and facts!


The up-to-date Daily Dose of foods/supps/meds:

YES: organic peppermint tea upon waking, one low-sugar organic fruit in the morning before any other food, plenty of organic produce, protein three times per day (one animal, one vegetarian and one whey protein), plenty of organic herbal tea.

NO: food allergens, food that is toxic to an O neg. blood type, sugar, refined carbs, MSG, or dairy.

Supps: digestive enzymes 2 w/ all meals & 4 btwn meals 3x/day, Probiotics 4 capsules (5 billion live organism each) 3x/day, fish oil (360 mg EPA, 240 mgs DHA) 4/day, evening primrose oil 1500 mg/day, zinc 30 mg/day, Opti-cleanse 4 scoops/day, IgG 2000 DF 1 tbs/day.

Meds: 6 mgs of Prednisone


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 10, 2009.

One Response to “Thanks Lauren!”

  1. Hmmm…I found it interesting that you are Type O blood. I am too. My sister and brother also are Type O and in the beginning stages of RA. I have read that Type O’s have a higher chance of developing RA. I wonder how many of us out there with RA also have Type O blood?
    I enjoy the up to date food/supps/meds.

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