Afternoon Omelet

I found the camera cord!! (it wasn’t the cats)


I missed eggs! This omelet was my lunch. I haven’t eaten them in forever because I was trying to stay away from animal protein. (Halfway because I was being a vegan and the other half because I was afraid it would make my arthritis worse.) But, I’m not allergic to them and I’m supposed to eat more animal protein, so I’ve been eating them this week. And…I don’t feel any worse than I did before!


Have you all ever noticed how hot the guys are that work at Whole Foods?

I wish I had more interesting stuff to say.

Oh yeah, this is Noki. He likes to sit on the scratching post like this. Seriously.


The Daily Dose of foods/supps/meds:

YES: organic peppermint tea upon waking, one low-sugar organic fruit in the morning before any other food, plenty of organic produce, protein three times per day (one animal, one vegetarian and one whey protein), plenty of organic herbal tea.

NO: food allergens (i got a blood test done), food that is toxic to an O neg. blood type, sugar, refined carbs, MSG, or dairy.

Supps: Caprin 2 3x/day, digestive enzymes 2 w/ all meals & 4 btwn meals 3x/day,  Probiotics 4 capsules (5 billion live organism each) 3x/day, fish oil (360 mg EPA, 240 mgs DHA) 4/day, evening primrose oil 1500 mg/day, zinc 30 mg/day, Opti-cleanse 4 scoops/day, IgG 2000 DF 1 tbs/day.

Meds: 6 mgs of Prednisone


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 14, 2009.

One Response to “Afternoon Omelet”

  1. Your omlet looks delicious. What did you put in it?

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