What have I gotten myself into??

So, I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: this is going to be so freaking ridiculously hard to figure out. (how to live without pain meds and arthritis meds, that is)


I just got back from a weekly appointment with Sue (the nutritionist who is working with Dr. B to help me figure out my supps and diet) and wow. I am a little bit overwhelmed. I’ve felt this way before, but right now I feel like we’re about to open a whole new can of worms.

I’ve started a rotation diet (you take your list of foods ok for your blood type, cross off the foods that you are allergic to, are bad for arthritis, or you refuse to eat, and then you divide the remaining foods into four groups that you could each make a day’s worth of meals out of.) You can’t eat the same thing two days in a row. Try this and see if your mom doesn’t yell at you for filling up the fridge with tupperware but never eating it. This link has good info on why you do a rotational diet: http://www.parentsofallergicchildren.org/rotation.htm

Mainly, the diet helps prevent more allergies from forming, helps reduce the load on the immune system, and will allow you to eat foods you were once allergic to if you eliminate them for a period and then reintroduce them on a rotational basis.

I thought I could eat crab meat, so I had crab cakes last night with mom and dad (it was on my ok-for your-blood-type list!!) but apparently it’s not good for RA…along with all shell fish, so scratch that. I am obsessed with pistachios so I eat about a handful each day. Turns out that they are “moldy” and not good for RA or candida either candidahttp://www.candidablog.com/ . And, I have to go on a nightshade food challenge (I eliminate nightshade vegetables for 10 days then add them in on the 11th day and see what happens…http://hubpages.com/hub/nightshades) So thank god I have Sue to help me figure this out.

She said the reason(s) I’m probably having a huge flare this week are :1. I started with animal protein again and my body is having trouble digesting, 2. I’ve just gone down to 6 mgs of prednisone, 3. I’ve had a cold for 2 weeks which has my immune system in full gear already, and 4. It’s a week before my period and apparently RA likes to flare in women right about this time of month. Wonderful.  I am an inflammation machine.

Tomorrow I have an appt. with Dr B. (which is where the whole new can of worms comes in).  Sue made a list of supps that he needs to do muscle testing on me with and start me on if they’re ok.

Manual Muscle Testing: ok, I’m sure there is a more technical term, but basically they put an herb, supp, or vitamin in your hand and they ask you to hold out your opposite arm. Then they push down on it and if you can’t resist their push, then the supp doesn’t agree with your body. If you can resist, then awesome, another couple of pills to swallow each day! more info on muscle testing:www.kinesiology.net

Alright, that’s way too much arthritis talk for one day.

The Daily Dose of foods/supps/meds:

YES: organic peppermint tea upon waking, one low-sugar organic fruit in the morning before any other food, plenty of organic produce, protein three times per day (one animal, one vegetarian and one whey protein), plenty of organic herbal tea.

NO: food allergens (i got a blood test done), food that is toxic to an O neg. blood type, sugar, refined carbs, MSG,  dairy, or other foods that aggravate RA like shellfish and moldy foods…grapefruit, pistachios, cashews.

Supps: Coryza Forte 2 4x/day (for my cold), Caprin 2 3x/day, digestive enzymes 2 w/ all meals & 4 btwn meals 3x/day,  Probiotics 4 capsules (5 billion live organism each) 3x/day, fish oil (360 mg EPA, 240 mgs DHA) 4/day, evening primrose oil 1500 mg/day, zinc 30 mg/day, IgG 2000 DF 1 tbs/day.

Meds: 6 mgs of Prednisone


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “What have I gotten myself into??”

  1. Hang in there Robin, I know how overwhelming this is, it will pay off!

  2. Oooooh yeah – I can vouch for the period thing! ;o( Mind you, my RA tends to completely clear up while I’m having one, and I have a flare just before. However … I only get one about every five months at the moment!!

    How long do you have to stick to any particular diet, do you reckon, to know if it’s working or not, given that RA can go quiet for ages and then flare? (Honest wondering, not Pollyanna Penguin sticking her beak in again and going ‘ner ner ne ner ner I don’t believe in this stuff! ;o) ) And if you have a flare while you’re on a certain diet, does that mean the diet’s not working, not working yet, or is working because without it you could have had more flares? The very same question could equally well be asked of any meds, I think!!

    • pp- sorry it took so long to respond. Im writing you a big comment now in case you dont come back and check this.

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