Snow and other happenings

It was a loooong day…

But first, it snowed this morning!


Not very much though.

Still, I love waking up to snow! So does Meeko.



Then we got a little carried away…


And decided to wake up his brother…


…and have a photo shoot…

Haha, I know, I like our cats too much. But hey, whatever makes me happy is ok with me.

I had an appointment with Dr. B. later in the morning and we did some interesting things. He started cold laser therapy on my joints again (the stuff they do on athletes when the get injured…to speed up healing) and then did some spinal adjustments. He said that they did a study in Sweden that showed a 40% increase in white blood cell production up to 6 hrs after spinal manipulation…so he hopes it will help me get over this cold. Then got some more supps…see below.

Against my better judgment, I then picked up a friend and went shopping. Yeah, so that is not my cup of tea anymore. I knew that. I just chose to forget. Now I’m sitting down with my feet propped up on chairs.

I’m leaving for College town again tomorrow to visit friends. I don’t know if I’m especially excited to go because I’m on this ridiculous rotation diet and have to bring all my food with me. But, I have to go…I’ll explain later.

So, I’m just chugging along. I’ve just started a ton of new things with diet and supplements, so we’ll just have to sit back and wait for the inflammation to calm down. I’m going to focus on sleep, exercise, netflix, and eating the right food.

Question for you: Has anyone done a detox? I’ve done several, but I’m going to do a serious one in March, and I need input!

P.s. I have a surprise for everyone tomorrow…

The Daily Dose of foods/supps/meds:

YES: organic peppermint tea upon waking, one low-sugar organic fruit in the morning before any other food, plenty of organic produce, protein three times per day (one animal, one vegetarian and one whey protein), plenty of organic herbal tea.

NO: food allergens (i got a blood test done), food that is toxic to an O neg. blood type, sugar, refined carbs, MSG, or dairy.

Supps: Coryza Forte 2 4x/day, Quercetone 1 3x/day, PanXyme pH 1 w/ meals, InflammX 2 scoops 2x/day, Caprin 2 3x/day, digestive enzymes 2 w/ all meals & 4 btwn meals 3x/day,  Probiotics 4 capsules (5 billion live organism each) 3x/day, fish oil (360 mg EPA, 240 mgs DHA) 4/day, evening primrose oil 1500 mg/day, zinc 30 mg/day, IgG 2000 DF 1 tbs/day.

Meds: 6 mgs of Prednisone


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Snow and other happenings”

  1. Surprise???? I can’t wait. Does your shake taste good? The UltraInflamx is terrible if I don’t add fruits.

  2. haha it tastes awful…i must add fruits!

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