Right now I’m at my friends’ house in college town. I came down this weekend because of sorority stuff. I was dreading it because I’m in such a bad flare right now, but it ended up being really worthwhile. Being with friends my age makes me feel young and not like I’m living the life of a 60 year old.

Last night I was out until about 10 pm. Then I came back and went to bed. (Feeling like I’m 60 years old again). I guess it upsets me that I can’t push my body further without serious repercussions, but then I think about how much better I feel in the morning without a hangover and with enough rest.

I think a lot about how it was before electricity. We went to sleep when the sun set. Our bodies need more sleep than we give it. Since our bodies heal while we sleep, I feel like it is a key part of me getting over this flare.

Sleep = healing

That’s my motto of the moment.

I’m about to go for a drive around because I just realized how beautiful it is outside. We had the blinds shut all day and hadn’t gone outside. Then the heater and the fireplace made it feel like a furnace in here and I went to open the door and found out it isn’t cold out and the sun is shining!


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 21, 2009.

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