Home again


The view of the mountains from my friends’ back porch at school. They live right on the edge of town so they don’t have any buildings blocking the view.


Saturday’s sunset from a farm a few miles down the road.

I just got back from school last night. I wish I had some crazy stories to tell, but I really did stay in the house most of the time and go to bed around 10 pm so I would be asleep before my body locked up and kept me from moving. Over the weekend I was having trouble sleeping because I was in so much pain. It would wake me up around 2 am.  It’s happened before, but it’s never been this bad. Arthritis, combined with a cough, will definitely keep you awake.

So last night I took two ibuprofens before I went to bed. eeeeh. I really didn’t want to break my almost 3-month record of no painkillers, but I needed sleep. I was able to sleep through the night and didn’t wake until 9 am and then took a nap from 10am to 1pm!  It felt so good.

I haven’t been taking guitar lessons like I had hoped I would this semester because of my wrist pain, so I’m thinking maybe I  should take piano lessons instead. I feel like it would be less intense on the wrists. We have a piano in the corner of our living room but no one ever plays it. Maybe I will–it would keep my fingers moving at least!


~ by thetruthaboutjra on February 23, 2009.

3 Responses to “Home again”

  1. Lovely pics!! I must work out how to put photos up. I bet it’s really easy … I’ve just not had time to look into it.

    Just to let you know I have temporarily surfaced from a morass (is that the right word?) of work, and commented on your comment on the post that I deleted ’cause it was rubbish … there’s kind of an apology there if you want to go and read it! ;o)

  2. p.s. Sorry you’re still having such a nasty flare. I see what you mean about long-lasting!

  3. I have had to do a little Advil at times too just to sleep. When you go a few nights without any sleep, it is really hard on your body. I hope you feel better soon. Your pictures are gorgeous. What a pretty scene to wake up too.

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