Detoxifying for Health

SO excited right now because I made a lot of progress today despite my red, swollen, mangled joints. I made progress by making some appointments with my acupuncturist and a detox center close by that does “assisted fasts” and colonics, which I have been looking for! And I stretched, avoided sugar and gluten, took a bath, filled my weekly pill container with supps, and got a bunch of groceries (veggies and fish)!

Anyway, I’m convinced that what I need is a really serious detox. Like a 21-30 day fast/detox of some sort. Yep. Complete with skin brushing, juicing, herbs, colonics, salt baths, steam rooms, rebounding, etc. I have all the symptoms of a toxic body like low energy, irregular poos, sore muscles, headaches, joint pain, rash, bad breath, …ok I’ll stop before you all start to have a really disgusting image of me in your head! But I’d be willing to bet most of you have some of these symptoms too!

I really want to write a long post about body toxicity, but I decided it would be better to create a page where I can explain everything in detail. That way, people can read it anytime.

I seem to have no problem talking about detoxing and fasting, but I can’t make myself do it. I have to get over my fear of going without solid food for um…about 30 days??!! I must do it soon. I can feel it.

Problem is, I can’t do it until I’m off prednisone. The prednisone interferes with the body’s ability to detox and heal. That’s why I’m trying so hard to get off it! The crazy thing is that my physician is telling me to do it faster and my nutritionist and chiropractor are telling me to do it slower because it’s causing such a bad flare. URGHH. I’m just going to do it when I feel comfortable and I’m going to visualize my adrenals getting stronger each day and send positive energy to them!

So, in the midst of my detox/prednisone/flare up situation, my challenge for myself and all of you is to find the courage to do what you know in your heart is best for yourself! Step outside your comfort zone! Stand up for yourself! Take charge for the sake of a healthy life!

~ by thetruthaboutjra on March 11, 2009.

One Response to “Detoxifying for Health”

  1. I have never done a 30 day detox but I am excited to hear how yours goes. I am trying to decide what my next path will be in this never ending journey.

    When I went off predisone, the alternative people had me going much slower than the rheumatologist also. I can’t believe how hard it is to get off the stuff!

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