So, “the nightshade project” was a bust.  Eliminating them provided no relief from my joint pain. Problem is, knowing that doesn’t help any of you out there. Apparently the toxin in the plant affects everyone differently. I’m still going to try eliminating them again in a few weeks just in case. Who knows?

The colonics are still going…not sure of the outcome yet, but I think it will be more of an overall increase in energy and decrease in swelling due to the energy work, colonics, and diet combined.

I’m still thinking about the herbal colon cleanse called Arise and Shine. I’ll probably start that this weekend.

Started painting today!

I’m just chugging along…


~ by thetruthaboutjra on March 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “nightshades”

  1. When I eliminated nightshade I didn’t notice a lot of difference either. However, now that I have added them back, I notice if I have tomatoes several days in a row, I get a little stiff.

    Yay! For painting. Are you enjoying it?

  2. that’s interesting about the nightshades, cathy. I guess I’ll find out what happens to me. Painting is great. it’s a good creative outlet for me since I can’t do much baking anymore…it’s too tempting to eat it all!

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