I have a pet peeve: The use of the word awesome. The word is over-used and under-appreciated. When someone says a it’s awesome that you found the perfect color shoes to match your dress, they’re lying! It’s not awesome! But, I think I can safely say that when someone whose been suffering from joint deformities and horrible pain for a long time experiences miraculous relief, it truly is awesome and awe-inspiring. Example:

I’ve decided to try eliminating nightshades again. I talked to a woman last night on the phone who had written an article in conjunction with a professor who both had awesome results with the elimination. The woman told me that now that she doesn’t expose herself to them she has no joint pain or stiffness. When she is around someone smoking (tobacco is a nightshade), the next day her whole body is stiff. That is awesome. I was actually in awe of this tangible evidence, and I’m sure she was too!

Here is another example:

I was putting up flyers for my RA support group the other day and on a whim turned into the parking lot for the chiropractic group in my town. While I was there I thought, what the heck, I should set up an appointment because I know that the last time I was seeing a chiropractor he really helped. So my appointment was last Monday and, let me tell you, I’m glad I turned into the parking lot on a whim.  She spent about 30 minutes asking me about the pain in each location. Then she took x-rays (they do it in the office and if insurance doesn’t cover it, each one is only $25) of my wrists and neck. If I haven’t told you, my wrist bones have started to fuse in my right side and I can barely move it. So, at the end of the appointment, she finally adjusted some of my joints. She used a little tool that “punches” small bones back into place on my wrist and after she finished, I COULD MOVE MY WRIST!! I couldn’t stop moving it. There was so much potential for new methods of picking things up! It was AWESOME. It was A-W-E-SOME. I sat in shock for a few seconds and she just chuckled and told me to come back on Thursday.

So, that’s my story about the word awesome. Use it, but only if you’re actually in awe. Otherwise I might come find you and thwack you on the head.

I am adding some links over in the right column, so when you have a lot of time on your hands, grab some tea and start exploring!


~ by thetruthaboutjra on April 8, 2009.

7 Responses to “Awesome”

  1. AWESOME!!!! This is all great news.

    I LOVE the Weston A Price group and have been using much of their philosophy for years. Can’t wait to check out the other sites.

  2. cathy-have you tried raw milk? i just ordered some from our local farm alliance group…it comes on the 22nd…too much waiting! also i just joined the local chapter of the WAP foundation…do you have any in your area?

  3. We buy raw milk monthly for the kids. We are also able to get free range beef, chicken, pork, and lamb plus eggs from our farmer. We do have a local WAP but we haven’t joined. Before going GF, I was soaking flour. I have experimented with kefir several times but always have flare-ups. :(. Also we use lots of coconut milk and oil at the suggestion on WAP. How did you find out about them?

  4. Sounds like things are falling into place. I really struggled with eliminating nightshades, I held on as long as I could to them but when there wasn’t anything else left to eliminate and things weren’t going well I decided to do it. The results have been wonderful. I absoluetly miss my potatoes and pico de galo and sneak them every now and again….totally worth it. Good luck…..

  5. jill- i know i’m going to miss mexican food!! oh well, i won’t miss swollen joints!

  6. I swear by the chiropractor. He is really good at figuring out what is going on with me, in some ways, almost better than my doctor. I do well with the manual adjustments on unaffected joints and he uses a machine that sounds like what he used on your wrists on my hands and feet. Love it, love it, love it. Oh, and I use the word awesome a lot but mostly sarcastically. Example: I get a speeding ticket. Awesome.

    • yay! I’m so glad you like your chiropractor too. I guess I use the word for sarcastic situations too…it’s pretty useful.

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