Good Things

Wow! My wrist is moving again! Just a little bit, but it was stuck before. I’m so excited that I found this chiropractor!!! Also, I’m finally off of this vegetable and fruit cleanse with fiber and bentonite clay shakes that lasted about 3 weeks. I am starting to eat lots more (healing) food including: beef, yogurt, butter, and kefir from pastured cows, kombucha, soaked nuts, sourdough bread, and of course lots of vegetables still. I am only eating one piece of fruit per day and making sure that it is a low-sugar fruit to keep the candida at bay. I’m down to 2 mgs of prednisone! I am still pretty inflammed though. We’ll see how my body likes the change. I’m staying away from nightshade vegetables again because of the disturbing articles I read last week about the effect of them on people with OA and RA. I’m hoping that it’s going to work for me!

Also found a few good blogs with interesting info and recipes:

~ by thetruthaboutjra on April 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Good Things”

  1. Great news about your wrist Robin! I am interested in how your body is doing with the kombucha. I really like it and want to drink it but have a flare-up each time. A friend suggested that since it boosts the immune system, it is boosting mine too much, too fast.

  2. Check out my blog in the morning. I will have an award ready for you. Do what you would like with it. 🙂

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