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The Future, get used to it.

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If you are familiar with the body ecology diet, YAYYYYY! If not, watch the video!!! Your health is a product of what is going on in your gut, and if you’re not keeping your gut healthy, you will never have good overall health.


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This is just a video that I found on Kate Vicker’s blog, a holistic nutritionist. I thought it would inspire you all to head over to your local farmer’s markets. May is just around the corner!

Good Things

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Wow! My wrist is moving again! Just a little bit, but it was stuck before. I’m so excited that I found this chiropractor!!! Also, I’m finally off of this vegetable and fruit cleanse with fiber and bentonite clay shakes that lasted about 3 weeks. I am starting to eat lots more (healing) food including: beef, yogurt, butter, and kefir from pastured cows, kombucha, soaked nuts, sourdough bread, and of course lots of vegetables still. I am only eating one piece of fruit per day and making sure that it is a low-sugar fruit to keep the candida at bay. I’m down to 2 mgs of prednisone! I am still pretty inflammed though. We’ll see how my body likes the change. I’m staying away from nightshade vegetables again because of the disturbing articles I read last week about the effect of them on people with OA and RA. I’m hoping that it’s going to work for me!

Also found a few good blogs with interesting info and recipes:





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Okay, so we all know that stress is a major trigger for a flare up. So I took a dive into the meditation cds at Barnes and Noble today and bought myself…3 cds! One is The Ultimate Nap cd, two is The Ultimate Relaxation/Meditation cd, and three is a cd of classical music chosen by Dr. Weil to promote healing and deep relaxation. I listen to that one in the car now. So much better than flipping through the radio and listening to songs that are all about heartbreak!

Lots happened with the chiropractor/diet changes/life in general today, but I’m way too busy to write it all now. Tomorrow…


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I have a pet peeve: The use of the word awesome. The word is over-used and under-appreciated. When someone says a it’s awesome that you found the perfect color shoes to match your dress, they’re lying! It’s not awesome! But, I think I can safely say that when someone whose been suffering from joint deformities and horrible pain for a long time experiences miraculous relief, it truly is awesome and awe-inspiring. Example:

I’ve decided to try eliminating nightshades again. I talked to a woman last night on the phone who had written an article in conjunction with a professor who both had awesome results with the elimination. The woman told me that now that she doesn’t expose herself to them she has no joint pain or stiffness. When she is around someone smoking (tobacco is a nightshade), the next day her whole body is stiff. That is awesome. I was actually in awe of this tangible evidence, and I’m sure she was too!

Here is another example:

I was putting up flyers for my RA support group the other day and on a whim turned into the parking lot for the chiropractic group in my town. While I was there I thought, what the heck, I should set up an appointment because I know that the last time I was seeing a chiropractor he really helped. So my appointment was last Monday and, let me tell you, I’m glad I turned into the parking lot on a whim.  She spent about 30 minutes asking me about the pain in each location. Then she took x-rays (they do it in the office and if insurance doesn’t cover it, each one is only $25) of my wrists and neck. If I haven’t told you, my wrist bones have started to fuse in my right side and I can barely move it. So, at the end of the appointment, she finally adjusted some of my joints. She used a little tool that “punches” small bones back into place on my wrist and after she finished, I COULD MOVE MY WRIST!! I couldn’t stop moving it. There was so much potential for new methods of picking things up! It was AWESOME. It was A-W-E-SOME. I sat in shock for a few seconds and she just chuckled and told me to come back on Thursday.

So, that’s my story about the word awesome. Use it, but only if you’re actually in awe. Otherwise I might come find you and thwack you on the head.

I am adding some links over in the right column, so when you have a lot of time on your hands, grab some tea and start exploring!

Hello again!

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I know it’s been forever, but I’ve been so busy getting my life together (and actually getting a life) that I haven’t found the time to post anything. I think I was also waiting for some inspiration. I am in the middle of a food/cleansing experiment and I don’t want to write too much about it until I know if it helps me or not. Anyway, inspiration came today in the form of an angry comment. Recently I made a post called “U might have RA if…” and it was loads of fun. Unfortunately one mother didn’t think so. (my response is below her comment):

“Great discussion, I don’t know if I would laugh about having RA, my child has systemic JRA, and as a parent all I want to do is cry. Its not funny at all, our lives are miserable. My child is only 7 years old and can’t play, she can’t even put on her cloths to make it to the bathroom. Yeah real funny. What’s funny is that I typed in hot tubs for JRA, and ended up on this loser blog. Nice! Yeah, nice about dreaming of cancer. Because my child has Systemic JRA, her lymp nodes were 2 inches in diameter. Just talk to a Cancer Doctor. She just had a biopsy done.

Why don’t you people spend your time educating yourselves and log onto http://www.raceforcarra.com and find out how children with JRA suffer. Its not funny trust me!

I know that you have to laugh at yourself, but for children is sad and they aren’t laughing and neither are the parents.”

This was my response:

I have systemic juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and was diagnosed when I was 11 years old. After 10 years (6 different meds, life-threatening side effects including pre-lymphoma, bone marrow biopsies, infusions, re-learning how to get dressed, having to quit lacrosse and ballet, thousands or tears, hundreds of doctors appointments and a decade of disappointment), all you can do is find humor in a disease that ruins (or changes for the better) your life. You will see in time what I mean. I am sorry that you haven’t found a way to laugh at life’s injustices yet. In time it will come. I’m sorry to hear that your daughter is suffering so much, hopefully she will not be in this flare for too long. My mother and I understand yours and her pain as it is a very difficult thing to go through childhood and adolescence without the ability to laugh, play, and move with your friends. Luckily, I was able to keep a smile on my face and know that life would give me happy moments despite the overwhelming emotional and physical pain. Perhaps we who responded to this discussion are all disappointed with our life’s challenges and feel that we were served an unjust slice of life’s pie…and now we deal with it through laughing at how unjust it really is and how much pain it causes us. I can say from experience, after I fall into the tub from two feet because I can’t bend my knees enough, I have to laugh at myself instead of cry to ease the pain. Laughing eases the pain whereas crying perpetuates it. I hope you all find a way to live happily with this disease, which is what we here are trying to do. I am here to talk if you ever need support or a laugh :) -Robin”